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Mixed Eco-Hardwood


Hardwood- our most commonly ordered product- get yourself a mixed load of quality hardwood eucalypts. our mixed loads comprise off redgum, ironbark, box, stringybark, blue gum and other quality burning species. it is suitable for open fires and combustion fire places.


Firewood is a great choice for heating your home but when using firewood, it is important to make sure that you are using a sustainable product.


Ensure that your firewood supplier is a member of the Firewood Association of Australia Incorporated (the FAA).


Suppliers that are members of the FAA will comply with the Code of Practice that they have set out and will use firewood from sustainable sources, reducing damage to the environment.


An FAA certified supplier will also give you the exact type of wood and quantity that you ask for.


Always ensure that your supplier sources sustainable wood.


When using firewood, never burn timber that has been painted or treated as this is a health hazard and also creates dangerous emissions.


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